Brandy (owner)

Favorite HOT Java Divas Drink: Hot Diva! Strong espresso based latte with

caramel AND chocolate. Mmmm....Divine!

Favorite Frozen Java Divas Drink: Chocolate Covered Diva

Strawberry smoothie covered in Chocolate sauce!

Favorite Java Divas Smoothie: Lemonade and 4 berry!

Favorite Non-Java Divas Food/Drink: Sushi and Pale Ale beers!

Favorite Sports Team: BALTIMORE Ravens

Favorite Java Divas Day: Beach Day

Hobbies: I love the beach, hanging out with friends, playing tennis, yoga, shopping, cooking and travel.   


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Favorite HOT Java Divas Drink: White Chocolate Mocha with a hint of cherry...mmm

Favorite Frozen Java Divas Drink: Creme Brulee with whippped cream!

Favorite Java Divas Smoothie: Strawberry Banana, yum!

Hobbies: Tennis & Photography

Favorite Sports Team: RAAAAAAVENS!!!!!

Favorite Java Divas Day: Monday! Women in Uniform... sexy cop, firefighter, military.


Favorite HOT Java Divas Drink: The oh so famous Caramel Macchiato of course!

Favorite Cold Java Divas Drink: cherry/vanilla Italian soda

Favorite Java Divas Smoothie: When i want to be healthy the Acai berry smoothie mixed with a lil strawberry is soo good, but if I want a real treat Diva de Leche.

Favorite Non-Java Divas Food/Drink: I LOVE BROWNIES!!!

Favorite Color: Pink or CHEETAH PRINT if that counts ;)

Favorite Sports Team: BALTIMORE Ravens BABY!

Favorite Java Divas Day: definitely Fantasy Tuesday, or should we just call it Lingerie Day!!!

Hobbies: shopping, just like every other woman!! And laying on the beach, drawing, texting, cooking, dancing, listening to music.



Favorite Java Divas HOT Drink: Chai Tea Latteeeee

Favorite Java Divas Cold Drink: Caramel Macchiato Frappe! with whipped cream of course!

Favorite Java Divas Smoothie: Mango and Pinnapple

Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Ravens Babyyy!

Loves: Anything on the water! I love to play outside and be in the sun, love the beach, boating, surfing, or just relaxing with some music.

Favorite Java Divas Day: Beach Day


Favorite Java Divas HOT Drink: Matcha Green Tea...D cup baby!

Favorite Java Divas Frozen Drink: Dulce de Leche with whipped cream!

Favorite Java Divas Smoothie: Forbidden Fruit Tropics...mangos and more!

Favorite way to spend her time: Down on the farm...riding and tending to the horses. She also loves reading, working out, camping and relaxing on the beach.

Favorite sport: WWE

Favorite Sports Teams: Washington Capitals & Baltimore Orioles

Favorite Color: Coral

Favorite Java Divas Day: Fantasy Tuesday...she likes to be creative with it!


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