Coffee Is Extra Hot at Java Divas

Posted by  on January 5th 2010 

java divas

A coffee shop right here in Maryland is turning heads, literally.  Java Divas in Pasadena has come up with a unique way to serve coffee to its patrons.

These drive-through divas serve their coffee dressed in lingerie. Owner Brandy McMillion says, “A lot of the men go ‘Whoa! What did I just find?”

McMillion is a local nurse who frequently trades in her scrubs for something a bit sexier. Dressed in a naughty nurse costume, she says, “I’m not too naughty right now. I’m just a fun and excited nurse.”

Customers have been eager to line up for a chance to chat with the ladies.  These girls often pull in as much as $100 per day in tips.

Barista Lauren Lucabaugh says, “Some of it goes toward outfits, because I wouldn’t want to be wearing the same one every time.”

Check out the video and photos below for more:


Java Divas has baristas in bikinis (and other outfits)

Source: Midnight Sun

Lindsay Krebs is one of the <strong>Java Divas</strong>

On the side of Ritchie Highway in sunny, beautiful Pasadena, there's a little gray coffee shack called Java Divas.

It's a drive-thru coffee shop with beans roasted by Caffe Pronto in Annapolis, snowballs and all-natural smoothies.

Oh, and all the baristas are young women in skimpy outfits. Seriously.

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Coffee with a Dash of Spice


James Sklar and Jason Parsons needed some mid-afternoon coffee to perk them up for the rest of the day.

They got an eye opener, alright.

While filling up at the Maci Service Station in Pasadena, they walked over to Java Divas and found a naughty nurse, a sexy Santa and a luscious lady in leather.

Megan Rippey, decked out in a short black tutu, thigh-high leather boots, black fishnet stockings and a black bustier, took their order. She turned around to make their drinks, and, well, bottoms up.

"Whoever thought of this idea gets an A-plus in my book," said Sklar, a Marley resident.

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